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Chaska, MN

Happy March and sort of Spring?!?

Big news this month is that Just A Little Moody got a small spot in Water Street Antiques in Jordan, MN!  The store has great vintage goods at great prices and the people who work there are fantastic!  Now that we've moved, I'm looking for new shows (both vintage and craft).  As usual, new things will be going up on Etsy, Ebay and the Minneapolis Vintage Facebook site.  You can still find my salts and milk baths at Mind, Body & Spirit in St. Cloud, MN, as well as Water Street Antiques.  You can always email me and I should be able to get you what you need!

I have lotion bars currently in stock (just need to add them to the product page):  lavender, lemongrass, lavender-eucalyptus.

Just A Little Moody has its own page on Facebook - please "Like" us!  There are more pictures of the store on Facebook than here . . . 

The Etsy store is open!  Look there for soap, salve and ephemera!

And now a blurb about me and what I do!
I have been making bath and beauty products for myself and my loved ones for years.  It wasn't until ten years ago that I decided to try to begin selling what I make.  It all began because I was tired of not knowing what was in the products I used daily or not being able to pronounce all the ingredients.  I soon found that I liked what I made more than what I could easily buy and so did others . . . and so 
Just A Little MOODY was born!

Please visit one of the stores which carry my products (click on the "Find Me" tab); visit me at a show or email me at justalittlemoody@hotmail.com.  

Thank you and, as always, ENJOY!
Welcome to Just A Little MOODY
"I can't think of any sorrow in the world
that a hot bath wouldn't help . . . 
just a little bit."
~Susan Glaspell